Company Charter

GOLDEN KEY INVESTMENT LTD. was founded in 2008 which offers a wide selection of kitchen equipment and supplies. We cater for all major hotels and restaurants, bakeries, butcheries, bars including mines, hospitals and schools in the region. Our shop is strategically located in Freedom Way, Lusaka - Zambia. We also have a second showroom on Diamond of Lusaka Building along Kafue Road. Recently Golden Key has entered into exclusive partnerships with leading Italian brands, bringing you exceptionally high quality products at cost-effective prices.

GOLDEN KEY INVESTMENT adds value to the food service industry by providing products and services that fulfil kitchen needs 
We will achieve operational excellence and ‘growth while delivering value to our customers, employees
and the community.
We believe in:
- Safety: protecting our employees, our assets, and the environment  
- Trust: honouring relationships
- Commitments: keeping promises
- Quality: meeting requirements
We believe in: 
- Leading by example
- Communicating effectively
- Treating everyone fairly and justly
- Behaving ethically
- Recognising and rewarding our employees 
- Promoting teamwork  
- Providing our employees with the resources required
- Enjoying our work
- Grow profitably in new market segments
- On-time delivery
- Customer satisfaction 
- Lead among competitors 
- Keep our good reputation in the market